Drop Zone: Security by Design

In this upcoming week, OTH will turn its attention to design-thinking. As international security problems continue to grow in complexity and speed, our approaches to problem solving have remained the same. Many of the methods used today evolved from Industrial Age thinking and are increasingly losing traction in engaging Information Age challenges. Design-thinking is an international and cross-disciplinary movement that provides new ways to consider complex problems and develop effective ways to address them. A growing number of design advocates within the national security community see the need for significant change in how we approach strategic and operational challenges.

On Monday we will publish an article by Dr. Jeff Reilly, author of Operational Design: Distilling Clarity from Complexity for Decisive Action, in which he explores Strategic Design. As the US Government Accounting Office noted in its 2009 report on Interagency Coordination:  “National security threats have evolved…What has not yet evolved are the mechanisms that agencies use to coordinate national security activities such as developing overarching strategies to guide planning and execution…The absence of effective mechanisms can be a hindrance to achieving national security objectives.” Building from his previous work, Dr. Reilly proposes a method of strategic design to produce salient strategic vision for a whole of community effort.

Then on Wednesday, OTH presents its fifth podcast: Designing Future Security: An International Roundtable on the Military Design Movement. As Ben Zweibelson mentioned in one of our first articles: “Over the past few decades, the international military community has incorporated a multi-disciplinary approach that breaks from traditional and largely mechanistic decision-making methodologies of the Industrial Era.” Podcast 5 is a particularly rich conversation in which discussants from India, Canada, Australia, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the US exchange thoughts on design and how their individual situations and demands are shaping their approaches to it. In examining the genesis, challenges, and progress of design for each participant we reveal elements that are common between us and those that are unique to each experience and context.

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Join us for a fantastic week ahead!

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Air Force or the U.S. Government.

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