Team OTH

Editorial Board

Over the Horizon was established by a multi-service team of military officers and academics within the Air Command and Staff College’s Multi-Domain Operational Strategist concentration. The editorial board’s combined experience spans combat operations, national policy development, and international security scholarship.

Dr. Jared Donnelly, Editor-in-Chief

Jason Buell, Senior Editor, Operations

Amanda Olson, Senior Editor, Review

Tim Causey, Senior Editor, Publishing

Dr. Melia Pfannenstiel, Senior Editor

Sean Atkins, Editor Emeritus

Jon Farley, Editor Emeritus

Contributing Editors

Dr. Adam Batchellor     Joe Brown     

Mike “PAKO” Benitez     Chris Finan

Pete Garretson     Dr. Mel Korsmo

Dave “Sugar” Lyle     Dr. Jahara “FRANKY” Matisek

David Pappalardo    Clare O’Neill

Dr. Jeff Reilly     Mike Sierco

Ben Zweibelson     Jason “TOGA” Trew

Editorial Alumni

Prichard “Mule” Keely     Mark “Dragon” Nexon

Dr. Katrina Schweiker     Thomas Flounders

Isaiah “CHAFF” Oppellaar     Aaron “Jedi” Sick

Brandon “Coach” Davenport    Maria Frishman

Aryan “Bloomin” Dale     Dr. Marcus McNabb

Julie Janson     Jared King

Dr. Caitlin Thorn     Jon “Rev” Barber

Jerry “Marvin” Gay     John Patrich

Brian Hellesto     Cam Smith

Lin Haack     Paul “SHIM” Sheehey

John “Nacho” Barringer     Kyle “Jager” Stramblad

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