Protected by two oceans, the United States enjoys the most defensible real estate in the world. Additionally, if the rest of the world floated their combined navies against the United States, the US Navy would still surpass them in firepower. The seeming invincibility of this defensive construct over the last 70 years generates a tendency by both military and civilian leaders to operate as if the need for homeland defense planning is unnecessary. Next week, Over the Horizon will take a look at France’s Maginot Line and the fallibility of a nation that trusts too strongly in their defensive inviolability. Specifically, we will look at how this mindset degrades homeland security through ignorance of emerging technological trends. We will then highlight how emerging technologies are beginning to provide America’s adversaries with the ability to bypass the naval and geographic barriers that have long defended the homeland from attack. In this new environment, our military and civilian leaders must overcome the institutional morass that has blinded them for too long to the threat to our economic and social networks.

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