Podcast 2: Relating Gray Zone Conflict & Multi-Domain Operations

Welcome to OTH’s second podcast! For this episode, we’ve brought together a group of experts to discuss two topics that have consumed Defense policy and academic conversations over the last few years: Multi-Domain Operations and Gray Zone Conflict. While these two concepts are discussed endlessly within Defense circles, the conversations have been fairly stove-piped. There’s a need to think about how multi-domain and gray zone concepts relate to each other. What parallels and touchpoints exist between the two? How should we think about multi-domain operations in a gray zone context and vice versa? What does the multi-domain operational concept do for competing in the gray zone? Our group of experts with experience that stretches from battlefields to strategy development groups and the halls of academia engage these questions and more.



Join the conversation in the comments section below and feel free to send feedback on how we did and what topics you might want to hear about next.



Dr. Jeff Reilly

Nate Freier

David “Sugar” Lyle

Sean Atkins (Moderator)



The following items were referenced during the conversation:

Outplayed: Regaining Strategic Initiative in the Gray Zone

Multidomain Operations: A Subtle but Significant Transition in Military Thought

Someone at DEFCON Made a Drone that Hacks Computers

Joint Publication 3-0: Joint Operations

At our Own Peril: DoD Risk Assessment in a Post-Primacy World

Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Department of Defense or the U.S. Government.


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