DROP ZONE: Logistics in Multi-Domain Operations

Over the Horizon is excited to announce a series of collaborations with experts from partner nations. At its founding in January, OTH aimed to present disparate perspectives on emerging security challenges. Central to this are the ideas of forward thinkers beyond the US national security community. As Secretary of Defense James Mattis noted recently: “When it comes to security, no one goes their own way in this world alone.  Security is always best when provided by a team.” As such, shared emerging security challenges and concepts to address them should be discussed amongst members of that team. It is in this spirit that OTH is pursuing its collaborations, aiming to broaden the conversation amongst key partners and thus strengthen it with diverse thought.

On Monday, we’re pleased to kick this effort off with Organising Logistics for Multi-Domain Battle: Making a Complex Problem Even More Complex by David Beaumont. David is the editor of Logistics in War, a serving Australian Army officer, and a PhD candidate at the Australian National University. In the article, David explores some of the challenges to sustaining multi-domain operations and evaluates possible approaches to overcome these challenges on a modern battlefield.

Importantly, if you haven’t yet found your way over to Logistics in War, you need to. It is a rich site dedicated to inspiring and advancing the conversation on logistics in modern war, a topic that has forever been central to success in conflict, but that is all too often overlooked.


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