Podcast: Future European Security

Welcome to OTH’s next podcast! For this episode we continue a regional focus, with a look at the future of security in Europe. This podcast will cover an array of topics, from Brexit and the European Union, to home-grown terror and the resurgence of Russia. A text summary of this podcast will be available on Friday, 29 June, with links to topics discussed.

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Jon Farley (Moderator)
David Pappalardo (France)
Jamie Meighan (UK)

David Pappalardo is a French Rafale pilot, and the former commander of the 2/30 fighter Squadron “Normandie-Niémen”. David has been involved in several operations over Africa, Afghanistan, and Levant since 2007.

Jamie Meighan is a British Intelligence Officer and MQ-9 Mission Crew with specialization in ISR, Targeting, and Operational planning fields. He has deployed to Bosnia, the Falkland Islands, Iraq, and Afghanistan; and served for 2 ½ years as an exchange officer within the ISR Division at US CENTCOM.

The views expressed are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any government, department, or agency.

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