DROP ZONE: OTH Anniversary Series

Over the Horizon is approaching the first anniversary of its January 2017 inception and it’s time to celebrate! By bringing together disparate, often competing, perspectives, OTH aimed to advance the conversation on the emerging security environment. To recognize a year well-spent in pursuit of this goal, the editorial board will be highlighting some of 2017’s standout articles, podcasts, and interviews. Over the next month, in addition to new content, OTH will begin publishing a countdown of 2017’s top five articles as well as eight editors’ picks.

Many thanks for joining us during this inaugural year. OTH began as a volunteer experiment dedicated to the ideas that will shape our future security and it has grown significantly because of your readership and engagement. Whether launching a podcast series, making it onto the CSAF and Army University Press reading lists, collaborating with fresh thinking partners like Logistics in War, or sitting down with legends like Gene Kranz, it has been an exciting year. With you in mind, we look forward to continuing to evolve and refine OTH as an open platform that examines our shared future security challenges and opportunities. We encourage you to share your ideas and advance the conversation with commentary. If you are interested in contributing to OTH, don’t hesitate to send a note our way.

Thank you!

Sean Atkins


The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Department of Defense or the US government.


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