DROP ZONE: OTH Interviews with Lt Gen Steven Kwast, AETC Commander, and Gene Kranz, Apollo 13 mission commander

We live in the most dangerous time since the American Civil War
Lt Gen Steven Kwast

On Tuesday, the new Commander of the US Air Force Air Education and Training Command, Lt Gen Steven Kwast, gives a candid one-on-one talk to Over the Horizon, warning of a rapidly changing security environment and a United States that is losing its advantage. With an extensive combat record, and known as an aggressive innovator and forward thinker, General Kwast gives his perspective of the future and what the US needs to do about it. He speaks directly to the pertinent issues of our time with his explanation of the trends shaping a new world, and his challenge to disregard outdated paradigms and restructure how we think about space. From emerging technology and paralyzed politics, to his call for leadership and innovation, and a “why we fight,” General Kwast lays out a compelling way forward to stop trying to play chess, and start redesigning the game.

Later in the week “Gene” Kranz, the mission commander for Apollo 11, Apollo 13, and Apollo 14, addresses the constants amongst all the variables changing our world, human nature, its need for leadership, and the power of a team. From his experience guiding NASA through accomplishing the impossible in the decade leading up to the moon landing, Mr. Kranz provides unchanging principles the nation’s leaders will need to face the uncertainty of the next ten years.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Air Force or the US government.

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