DROPZONE: How Does the Air Force See Multi-Domain Operations?

Excerpt from USAF Future Operating Concept (http://www.af.mil/Portals/1/images/airpower/AFFOC.pdf)

A new concept, one the Army in particular is meaningfully exploring, is quickly coming into vogue in the Pentagon. Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) looks to combine effects across Air, Land, Maritime, Space and Cyber domains collectively to achieve dominance in an operational campaign. Other services have rapidly adopted the term and are marching towards implementing their own vision of what MDO will look like. A central mission for OTH is exploring these visions and how each Service and partner conceptualizes MDO.

Next week, OTH will present an interview with Brigadier General B. Chance Saltzman, Director of Future Operations, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Headquarters U.S Air Force. He has been charged by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force to lead an Enterprise Capabilities Collaboration Team (ECCT) with a primary focus on how the US Air Force will design, field and operate a Multi-Domain Command and Control system in the future. The intent will be to allow the Air Force to plan, coordinate and execute operations across air, space and cyberspace. Additionally, he will discuss why the term MDO is different than earlier doctrinal terms such as Combined Arms or Joint Warfare. Lastly, he will provide an overview of how the Air Force views Multi-Domain Operations and what future technical capabilities the service sees as supporting that effort.

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